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A company detective goes undercover to expose a gang that uses inside information to rob gold shipments.

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original title: By the Sun's Rays

genge: Short,Action,Drama,Western


imdb: 6.4

duration: 11min



keywords: mirror, bandit, outlawgang, informant, attemptedrape, insidejob, holdup, boss'daughter, undercoverdetective, robbery, posse, goldmine















































Frank Lawler, a clerk for a mining company, colludes with a bandit gang about the timing of gold shipments with a mirror signal system and has designs on Doris Davis, the daughter of the local branch manager. The company's main office dispatches their top detective John Murdock, who goes undercover to expose the scheme and rescue the Doris from the unwanted advances of the dastardly Lawler. A company detective goes undercover to expose a gang that uses inside information to rob gold shipments. This one reel silent film western isn't in the best of shape, but it features a rare good guy played by Lon Chaney at the beginning of his career. It's really a bit part, and he looks almost how you would expect him to look in real life. The film is pretty hard to follow because there isn't enough time for character or plot development, and both the title sequences and a shot of a letter seem to have faded with time. It's got the typical bandits (out to steal some gold), a hero, the damsel in distress, and several clichéd supporting characters (including Chaney). I rank this one as more a curiosity for film historians and students, one lessened in impact by the passage of time and a reminded that really nothing, including the best art, lasts forever. BY THE SUN'S RAYS, a very early Chaney& Browning collaboration, makes good use of Chaney's _patibular jaw to tell a short concise story about a detective who comes at a mine to investigate how the gold shipments are always attacked. Chaney is the one who always gives away the moment of the secret departure of the shipments. Brief moments with some miners are shown; also, the detective bureau that sends its man to find out who betrays.

Chaney, the villain of this short piece, has a moment of amorous impetuousness—with the otherwise nice Agnes Vernon, who refuses his advances.

Agnes Vernon is really cute as Dora, the object of Chaney's vain desires, and she makes the best out of her short scenes as a provincial coquette; MacQuarrie is the detective, and looks rather dolt, anyway his bodily desires are expressed in an appropriately idyllic setting while Chaney's take the form of the brutality, mindlessness and misplaced impetuosity. Anyway, given the shortness of this flick, Chaney is already quite remarkable and pointed, he has presence, that ominous leaden gloomy glow, and stands out among his screen partners.

Well, it seems I have already told more than is in the flick itself. Yeah, poetical in a poetical—realist way, yet it serves only to allude to the way used by Chaney to accomplish his mischievous plan …. Enjoy your ten minutes with Chaney ….

The title suggests a Pabst melodrama; which the movie isn't.


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